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Petitioning CEO, Hot Topic Lisa Harper

Stop using the word "Pimp" to market items to our children

In Georgia alone over 300 girls under the age of 17 are being sold for sex every month. It's estimated over 300,00 kids in the United States are at risk of being trafficked. They are beaten, drugged, manipulated and murdered by "pimps" In no way should "pimp" be used as a word to describe something good or cool and Hot Topic's marketing focus on our children encouraging them to "Pimp Your Packs" is offensive.

Letter to
CEO, Hot Topic Lisa Harper
The word "pimp" has been used in our culture to mean "cool" or "bling" but in reality, "pimp" means trafficker...someone who preys on the innocent and manipulates, abuses, and sells males and females, the majority of whom are under the age of 17, for sex to predators. The objectify the innocent and turn them into commerce. "Pimp" should in no way be an acceptable word in our culture and it should certainly not be used to market items to our children. We are asking you to stop, to be aware and responsible and do your part to end trafficking in the USA. Please remove the word "pimp" from all emails and marketing collateral.

Thank you,