Giving birth alone during Covid-19

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I am 40 weeks pregnant today and was exposed to Covid last week. I called my OB and he told me I had to get tested because I had an induction date in 4 days. If I did not get tested, Shelby Baptist Hospital were to treat me as if I was positive already and had it... taking away all rights... No support person and baby getting taken from me right after birth. 
Basically I was bullied into getting tested fearing that I would have to face child birth alone. 

Even tho I have no symptoms or fever but my rapid test at AFC came back positive.
 Because it is an elective inducement we are suggested to wait it out for 14 days, putting me at 42 weeks pregnant and possibly putting our unborn daughter at unnecessary risks!  

The Head of Epidemiology Department at UAB said it’s useless to retest and are working to change their retest policy because the virus can come back positive for up to 3 months! So even with a “false positive” our situation would still be the same! 

We are hoping for the best that our sweet Emma will hold out for two more weeks but If go into labor early I must give birth alone and our daughter will be taken from me the first 24 hours of her life to be put into isolation before she is tested.
Imagine being a mother growing a child for 9 months and then them being stripped away right after they are brought into this world for 2-3 days! 

 There are no circumstances under which my husband can be present to support me and be present for the birth of our daughter if I go into labor early.
Needless to say, I am is emotionally distraught and now physically exhausted from the news. They will not allow my husband to wear a mask and social distance in a fairly large room, even though they will be face first in the private parts of a woman with the virus. This is wrong. This sort of behavior is unacceptable. We were notified over the phone, in a very unpersonable and informal manner. I am looking for support to have this sham policy eliminated and to keep this from happening to other families.

To say that somehow he is a risk to their staff while taking necessary precautions such as wearing an appropriate mask and standing more than six feet away, all while taking care of a “covid-19 patient”(myself) is inexplicably absurd. Not only that, they refuse to allow any other family member such as our parents or siblings who have not been exposed, to be present either.. The amount of emotional stress they have caused me and my family. literally right before delivery is inhumane and unacceptable. Our daughter's first days in this world will be with strangers, not her parents or grandparents! Please help my family and the other families having to deal with this crisis. Bring attention to this issue and help correct this wrong! Husbands should be able to be present and support their wives! Fathers should be present for the moment their daughters enter this wonderful world. Let's stop this nonsense early so families across our great state do not suffer needlessly from the policies of hospitals with anonymous messengers over the phone.

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