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Horse abuse

The 'new' AQHA Animal Welfare Commission is not new, it is merely a new publicity campaign on the old 2009 Commission that did nothing.

The 'NEW' Commission is the direct and proximate result of a criminal complaint filed against the AQHA for sanctioning the abuse of the horse by E. Allan Buck.  Documentation was provided that clearly stipulated AQHA's actions and lack of actions that constitute sanctioned abuse of the horse, as well as, the criminal act of 'deceptive trade practices'.

The image is of a dressage horse that was injured within moments of this photo and the trainer is now criminally and civilly charged with torture and torment of the horse.  The method represented by the image does, as a material fact, represent abusive training methods used by AQHA trainers.

AQHA is a disgrace to the horse world, for they are smoke and mirror specialists, pretending to really care about the horse when the 'material facts' demonstrate they are concerned about the prestige and the money.

Abusive training techniques and results are what win under the banner of the AQHA and this is destroying the businesses of trainers who do not use such techniques.  AQHA and its governing members need to be held accountable in courts of law if they do not protect the horses from the sanctioned abuse that now exists.

American Quarter Horse Association is an international association. thus its influence is even greater than the United States Equestrian Association. It is hoped that by AQHA actually mandating the enforcement of the rules and regulations by stewards and judges and show managment, 'all' equine associations will follow the example and the competition horse will be protected from sanctioned abuse.


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