Stop the installation of plexiglass

Stop the installation of plexiglass

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Colleen Mills started this petition to Horry County School Board Officials and Dr Rick Maxey

Horry County School Board Officials, Dr. Rick Maxey:

We, the teachers, staff, assistants, parents and community members of Horry County School, demand that you immediately stop the installation of plexiglass until the following has been resolved:

1. Only professionals should be installing plexiglass and those professionals should follow CDC guidelines on social distancing and mask protocols.

2. Outside contractors should have a background check and should not be hiring teenagers and college students for the install process.

3. Installation should NOT be taking place during school hours while students are trying to learn. Neither should these students be asked to help with the plexiglass installation.

4. Teachers and assistants should not be responsible for cleaning the plexiglass due to the amount of time it takes. This takes teachers away from their essential duties which is preparing lessons and teaching the students. If teachers are made to stay after school and clean, they should be compensated for the extra hours put in.

5. Plexiglass should be removed from classrooms where the students are learning via google meet while in the classroom because they cannot see nor hear their teacher.

6. Teachers, staff, parents and community members demand that the State Department of Education and the State Fire Marshal be consulted with the installation of the plexiglass.

7. The school district should ONLY use APPROVED installers and plexiglass companies approved by the State Department of Education.

8. The State Fire Marshal should approve all classrooms that already have plexiglass or will have plexiglass. This report should be made public.

9. During those inspections, there should be at least three teachers, one high school student, three parents, and a media source to monitor those inspections due to proven lack of transparency from the district.

10. Parents, community members demand that teachers, support staff, classified employees, custodial staff, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and any other front line worker receive hazard pay in the form of a bonus to be given immediately. All employees should receive no less than $1000 in hazard pay.

11. A COMPLETELY anonymous way for teachers and other employees to express concerns and issues without fear of retribution from their immediate supervisors or from the district office. Grievances do not work and are not looked into.

12. We need to hire substitute teachers, at a higher pay rate, to show that we need them.

As professionals, parents and community members, we were not consulted as to the ramifications of how the plexiglass would negatively affect instruction for our students. Students cannot see nor hear their teacher. The plexiglass is ineffective in stopping COVID from spreading. The plexiglass creates a fire hazard by crowding the classrooms and making it nearly impossible for students and staff to exit safely. At this point, if you are forcing us to go face to face regardless of what proven science tells us, then plexiglass is doing far more damage to our children’s learning and social/emotional development than any intended good.

We need the Horry County School Board to show it's employees, parents and community members that you will work with us, in good faith, to better the educational experience in Horry County.

Your Parents, Community Members and Employees

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