Be their voice....Abused and Neglected Animals of Horry County

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Animal Cruelty and neglect seems to be at a all time high in Horry County, SC. We need to step up and be these animals voices. Unfortunately in the state of South Carolina it is not illegal to leave animals out in the elements. As long as they have shelter, whether it be a 50 gallon drum for a house, water even if its dirty, and little food, as long as there is some. It is not against the law to keep them on chains or tie outs. While many of us animals lovers see this as abuse, Horry County Officials of SC do not. 

A good example would be a property we made numerous calls to animal control on, 16 to be exact, and then months later the dogs were seized. It's on wmbf news for Conway Sc.  They were all in very poor condition. One canine had to have his leg amputated, another had a embedded collar. They were all malnourished and had water buckets either empty or filled with algae. No food. Heavy chains hung around their necks in the blistering hot sun for 4 months. Everyday. Waiting for help, that came just a little too late. Everyday I rode by with tears in my eyes, making sure they were still alive. Wondering why no one had come with all the calls to animal control. They finally came, but some of them, I was told, were deceased. The county waited too long. Why did they wait until they got 16 calls to go out and seize them? Especially when the owners had a prior offense of animal abuse....Because it has to be signed by a judge first. We shouldnt have to wait on that.

Let's stop this from happening again. Please be their voice. Animals are innocent creatures, they dont deserve this torture. Please help them and sign. Please. 

Below is the news report. Along with some other examples below that one.

 Here is a copy of the current animal cruelty laws for sc.