Sunday Liquor Store Sales In Hopkinsville, KY

Sunday Liquor Store Sales In Hopkinsville, KY

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Citizens for a Greater Hopkinsville started this petition to Hopkinsville City Council and


Hopkinsville package liquor stores can be open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, from 6:00 AM to 1:00 AM. Package stores must be closed from 1:00 AM Sunday morning till 6:00 AM Monday morning. This is 52 days of operation a year package stores must be closed.

Since 2005 the city of Hopkinsville has allowed restaurants that seat more than 100 to sell alcoholic beverages by the drink on Sundays starting at 1:00 PM with a special Sunday drink license. [1]

The state of Kentucky allows package sales of alcohol within a city or jurisdiction if they decide to set Sunday hours.[2] The city of Oak Grove, also in Christian County, allows Sunday package sales of alcohol at their liquor stores. [3] Furthermore, the city of Owensboro voted in April 2017 and Paducah in September 2017 to allow any business with a Liquor License to sell alcohol on Sunday. Also within the last two years the cities of Murray, Bowling Green, Calvert City, Kuttawa and Hanson voted to allow Sunday Package sales. Also in 2018 our surrounding states of Tennessee and Indiana amended their laws to allow Sunday Package liquor sales.


We believe it is time for the City of Hopkinsville to update its hours of operation and allow Sunday package sales at liquor stores located within the city. We ask the city council to consider amending the Hopkinsville, Code of Ordinances to allow Sunday package sales. We also ask the council to amend its Election Day prohibition of package sales to match the state, which was changed in 2013, to allow package sales while polls are open.

There are many reasons and benefits for an update allowing Sunday package sales to both the City of Hopkinsville and its residents:

  • Money kept in the community/Tourism: Instead of shoppers spending their money in Oak Grove, or other out of area package stores, they would certainly shop at Hopkinsville Package stores. Keeping money in the community creates city jobs and benefits locally.
  • Employee work potential: An extra day a week would allow many employees to work more hours and have a greater income; providing a better life for them and their families. In addition, an extra shift or two for the employees would reduce turnover at city package stores.
  • More revenue for the City of Hopkinsville: An additional 52 days a year would allow additional sales and tax revenue to be collected in the form of extra city income tax on employees and owners. There also may be fees via a special Sunday Package license if the city went that route. Also the state of Kentucky would have additional tax revenues in the form of state sales tax.
  • Reduction of Crime: Prohibition of Sunday Package sales allows bootleggers to operate inside of the city. These bootleggers charge much higher prices than licensed package stores but pay no license fees, income tax, or sales tax. Bootlegging also can lead to unregulated sales to minors and other crimes. By keeping package stores open on Sundays these bootleggers would certainly cease to operate.
  • Changing views: For many Sunday is a day of football and to relax with family and friends, and possibly enjoy an adult beverage. While many still go to church or other religious services; according to surveys, less than half of Americans attend services on a weekly basis. Most people are now in favor of Sunday Package sales and do not believe it has any negative effects on their religious beliefs or practices.[4] Since liquor is already served in the city on Sunday, and everywhere around us at liquors stores, Sunday package sales should be allowed.


[1] Hopkinsville, Code of Ordinances 111.08

[2] Kentucky Revised Statute, 244.290

[3] City of Oak Grove, KY Ordinance 2013-8, Section 6

[4] Public Opinions Strategies Poll, 2015

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!