Hope On Wheels should ask Representative Mike Kelly to resign for equating a cancer patient to drug addicts.

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Rep Mike Kelly (PA-16) compares cancer patients to drug addicts; as if fighting cancer isn't hard enough.Brian lives in Pennsylvania's 16th Congressional District and is a constituent of GOP Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-16). Brian was present at the previously numbered Third Congressional Debate which took place on October 30, 2014, when Kelly, who was the incumbent and owns a Hyundai dealership. Kelly is a member of the Board of Directors for Hyundai Hope On Wheels, which raises funds for pediatric cancer research (http://www.hyundaihopeonwheels.org/about/board-of-directors.htmlDemocratic) challenger Dan LaVallee relayed Brian's medical story and called upon Kelly to explain to Brian why he is not entitled to affordable access to health insurance to treat his brain cancer. When the debate turned to the topic of legalization of marijuana, Kelly said, "Dan talked about Brian, who has had some [cancer] problems. I have worked tirelessly with people who have addiction problems. Both drug addiction and alcoholism. When you see the devastation that takes places within our society, within our families, within our communities. I think it would be hard to look at marijuana knowing that it is a gateway drug and say, 'This just makes sense.' I think, again, the more you learn the better you can lead. I think we have done a really bad job with our young people and talking to them about making the right choice." VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-6ugbBxR_s&feature=youtu.be&t=41s (Brian's story was mentioned at 41:09 and Kelly's offensive comment came at 46:02). Cancer is not "a problem". Cancer patients are NOT similar to drug addicts or alcoholics. Cancer patients NEED to maintain access to affordable insurance to treat their illness. Please share Brian's story.... and If you are as disgusted as we are with Kelly's dismissal of cancer patients as people with "problems" akin to addiction, please encourage the National Brain Tumor Society to advocate on behalf of Brian and other cancer patients. Tell Mike Kelly that cancer is not a "bad choice" and it's not addiction, and tell Hyundai that Kelly is not fit to sit on the board of an organization which raises funds for children with cancer. Mike Kelly's DC office: (202) 225-5406; Twitter: @MikeKellyPA; Hyundai Hope On Wheels: (310) 882-4002; Twitter: @HopeOnWheelsNational; Brain Tumor Society Headquarters: (617) 924-9997; Twitter: @NBTStweets