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Hope for Victims: Support the Partner Violence Reduction Act


The Partner Violence Reduction Act brings hope to victims…victims of abuse who have been turned away from over-crowded shelters, victims of false allegations, and victims of harmful policies such as mandatory arrest.


In addition, the Partner Violence Reduction Act bans discriminatory practices, encourages partner reconciliation when feasible, requires the accreditation of educational programs, strengthens the scientific basis, improves accountability, curbs immigration fraud, and reinvigorates the constitutional protections of domestic violence programs.


The Partner Violence Reduction Act strengthens and amends the federal Violence Against Women Act. A new day is dawning… Contact your elected officials in Washington DC and tell them to support the Partner Violence Reduction Act.


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The Partner Violence Reduction Act brings hope to victims…victims of abuse who can’t get the help they desperately need, victims of false accusations, and victims of ill-conceived policies such as mandatory arrest.

Specifically, the Partner Violence Reduction Act:

1. Removes provisions that violate the Constitution and restores civil rights to the accused.

2. Gives first priority to real victims and reduces false allegations by constraining definitions and distinguishing between “alleged” victims and “adjudicated” victims.

3. Seeks to protect and restore families when the abuse is minor.

4. Removes harmful mandatory arrest, predominant aggressor, and no-drop prosecution policies, thus helping to restore due process.

5. Assures legal assistance is provided both to the alleged victim and alleged offender.

6. Makes the law gender-inclusive and removes discriminatory policies.

7. Improves the accountability of domestic violence organizations.

8. Curbs immigration fraud.

Restore hope to victims…support the Partner Violence Reduction Act! For more information, visit:


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