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Hope For Hooty

We rescued Hooty (a Great Horned Owl) on May 9, 2012, on our family farm in Rawlins County, Kansas. He was badly broken and nearly dead. When he first arrived at his new home, he was unable to stand or function for himself other than looking around. In the month he stayed with us, he became a great deal healed and healthy. After he was confiscated by the Kansas Parks Department game warden on June 4, he was determined unable to return to the wild. I want to not only save Hooty's life from being ended, but work to get my permits in order to not only get him back, but retain him as part of our family. This petition is to save his life. He could be a valuable education tool for schools in the tri-state area, and I am more than willing to commit to him and the work it will require. Until I get everything lined out, I would like for him to go to Lee Richardson Zoo, because it is close to me. If no zoo or school accepts him, because he cannot be returned to the wild, he will be put down. Help me save Hooty's life!

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