Stop before Secularism Dies, 'NRC' And 'CAB' To Be Made As Unconstitutional.

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As We All Know that The NRC (National Register for Citizens) and CAB (Citizenship Ammendment Bill) Was earlier passed in Upper and Lower House of The Parliament.

This Bill Critisizes and Discriminates the Minority Sect's, It Violates the Indian Constitution, Article 14, 15 & Article 22, In Which Our Constitution Clearly Says No One Will be Discriminated On basis of Religion, Caste, Creed, Sex, Birth Place.

For Proving NRC, The People Belonging to Hindu, Sikh,Jain, Christians, Parsi, Buddhists need to provide documents of late 1970's of their fore-fathers, If they failed to provide then they can Apply From CAB for Indian Citizenship, But Muslims Are Striked off from this list.

Is this not a Discrimination?? Why Is the Specific Religion Targeted based on this bill, Is this not Unconstitutional?? As India is a Secular Country, There Should be No Discrimination Among any Religion.

As we can see Assam is on fire and protest, 19lakh Bengali Hindu's nd 1 lakh Gorkhas have been striked off from the list saying infiltrators.

Now Government will be planning to implement that on whole India, think if this happens, what would be the stand of India.

As Ruling Party Gave a Statement Saying, That Government Will Provide Shelter to those People who were tortured and beaten up from mentioned 3 countries i.e Bangladesh Afghanistan and Pakistan, All Are Welcomed Will Provide Citizenship but Excluding the Muslims.

But Why Not Bhutan, Nepal, Srilanka, China Myanmar, Burma, there are people living here with miserable life, why not these countries mentioned in the bill.

The CAB and The NRC are the 2 sides of the same coin, It is only Unconstitutional and Discrimination based upon Religion, Where Minority Sect's are a easy target.

If the Government want's to give shelter to refugee's or citizenship let them give without discriminating any religion.

Soo We the people of India Requests, The Honourable Supreme Court to take immediate action against this bill.

My Request is to All The Citizens Of India To Support and Sign My Petition, Soo That The Honorable Supreme Court Takes The Action Appropriately, nd Strikes down the bill which is Unconstitutional.