Corona Pandemic - For people living on footpaths, provide food,medicine & accommodation

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An appeal to the Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji,

Honoured Sir,

In our Country there are many  people living on the roads, footpaths and huts, a vast majority of  people ’Below the Poverty Line’  the destitute, beggars and many more daily wage  labourers, are not in a position to earn their daily bread, in fact all the poor and marginalized need the Governments support during this current Corona Virus pandemic crisis.            

Please provide them food, clothes, soaps, medical support and accommodate them in Schools during this summer, till the epidemic is vanished from the country. God forbid there might be a Medical Emergency and total lock-down as witnessed across many Nations in Europe and the situation might go totally out of control.

It is hereby appealed to your goodselves that there is an immediate need for Clean and Hygienic environment to contain any spread of COVID-19. A duty is cast on the  government to provide Hot cooked food, Clean water, other basic amenities and medical care to those who are in need. This will ensure every member of the community is safeguarded and hence we can fight this outbreak successfully.

It’s time to Rejuvenate Today’s India in body, mind and spirit. I hope and pray that under your dynamic leadership the Government of India and the State Governments will take all the necessary measure to safeguard public health and safety during the present medical emergency and emerge much stronger than before as a nation.

Jai Hind! Regards


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