Reservation should be as per Constitution guidelines

Reservation should be as per Constitution guidelines

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Vande Matram
Most of us are now aware of what crap is happening in Medical PG admissions of Maharashtra state., This can happen in Rajasthan, Gujrat, MP, Chattisgarh, Karnataka and so on all over the country.
If you don't know what is happening, here is a message, just to brief you.
Please go through.
The reservation in maharashtra has reached 78% due to new community reservation 16% and EWS 10% reservation.
Open category candidates filed case against this, because according to our Constitution, any reservation should not exceed 50%.
After multiple cases in Mumbai HC, lot of troubles, biased decision of Mumbai HC..after all this, Nagpur bench of High Court finally gave justice to us and the same decision was held up in supreme court.
Honourable supreme court has given a verdict which says that sebc (means maratha reservation) CANNOT BE IMPLEMENTED this year.
But the interesting part starts now..!
Our Maharashtra Government, instead of respecting and implementing hon'ble SC's decision, has passed an ORDINANCE against it, which says that the government WILL implement the reservation this year itself.

ALL this is highly unacceptable, as the government is not only disrespectful towards the decision of apex judicial authority in the country but also squashing dreams and future of thousands of MERITORIOUS AND HARDWORKING open category doctors.
We all being citizens of this country should raise our voice against this..
If merit is not given priority, people will not get a deserved doctor for them.
Also, right now this is only affercting medical field, which obviously is going to create a grievous impact on health system of the country, no doubt..
But the consequences will be even more severe when other admissions, jobs, all other sectors will be affected.

It is a humble request to ALL THOSE who respect and value MERIT more than anything..
Guys, please share this petition with like-minded freinds, family and groups, also forward a word of mouth for this message to more and more people and let everyone know what is happening and we should raise our voice against that,today this happening in Maharashtra, bit tomorrow can happen in any other state.

So let us make this campaign a nationwide protest.