Request to stop declaration of freebies by the political parties in India

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There are lot of political parties announcing freebies in form of cash incentive, loan waiver and gifts in other forms to woo the voters in their favour.

I am not a lawyer but as per my understanding the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 (PCA) criminalises receipt of any “undue advantage” by “public servants” and that is not limited only to cash form. My further understanding of law is that recent legislative changes to the PCA in 2018 had considered bribe givers as criminal.

Political parties announcing freebies is a type of bribe offered to the voters as politicians are also government servants taking pay from the government. The "undue advantage" in this situation is vote of the voter and intention is to occupy an important post in government.

These political parties should tell the source of funds for freebies and how they will generate the money? They must clearly state in words and figure that how much amount of this money will come from which source like additional taxes on service personals, businessman, decreasing the subsidy or some other source including their political fund.

Act to woo voters in form of freebies that too from tax payer’s money should be considered a criminal act.

I humbly request Honourable President of India, Honourable Chief Justice of India and Respected Chief Election Commissioner of India to look into the matter, and if deemed appropriate under law, kindly cancel the eligibility of such political parties and politicians from contesting elections permanently.

My identity is that I am a citizen of India and taxpayer. I sincerely wish that poverty should be removed from the country and all citizens of India should have decent and respectable life.

It will be of immense benefit for the country if tax payer money is used for the development of the country and not for bribing the voters.

Please share and sign this petition if you think that this bribing of voters should go and main agenda in elections should be development of whole country.

Please also create your own petition and other modes to stop politicians from bribing the voters. Everybody is free to use my idea and words.