No Sand Mine in Bobs Farm

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What’s really important is standing up an making our voices so loud, that they have no choice to ignore us.

An inappropriate development on an inappropriate site.

What we know!

  • Ammos Resource Management are proposing a 36.1 hectare Sandmine at 3631 Nelson Bay Rd Bobs Farm (currently known as the fig and olive farm). That’s about 37 football fields.
  • They will mine 10million tonne of sand over 15 years.
  • They are hopeful to be operating in 2-3 years.
  • 180 truck movements per day on Nelson Bay Road between 7am and 6pm ( one every 3 minutes). These trucks will pass along side the Bobs Farm School, right onto marsh road then turn left towards Anna Bay and use the Port Stephens Drive round about as a U turn bay to head head back out. 
  • The mine will include dredging 15m below sea level
  • It will create 8 onsite jobs
  • Once completed it will leave a 24.5 hectare salt water dam.
  • They will only revegetate approx 7 hectares
  • Possibilities for the dam include a solar power operation or tourist water park
  • No members of the community have been contacted by the developer to discuss any issues or social impacts to our community.

Our Concerns!

  • Silica dust exposure - Silicosis (it’s the new asbestosis).
  • Disturbance to our groundwater
  • The possibility of acid sulphate soils on Marsh road
  • Noise and vibrations from mine activities and truck movements
  • Impact of threatened flora and fauna and groundwater dependent ecosystems 
  • Loss of ancient sand dunes
  • The potential closure of the local school which recently celebrated 100years
  • Impacts to local farms
  • Social impacts to our community

What’s next!

  • Help us reach 10,000 signature to protest this development.