Ban Single-Use Plastics in Mauritius

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Dear Prime Minister,

We love our Island, we love our beautiful Country. But with economic development comes also pollution. We have hopes and dreams for the future but for those to realize, we have to be more careful on the way we protect our environment. Plastic waste is a big issue that we can't ignore, it ends up in our soil, in our air, in our ocean and even in our food! Our island is small, we don't have unlimited space for landfill and we don't want anymore plastic in our ocean or in the air we breathe!

Our country made a huge step forward by banning plastic bags from supermarkets few years ago and our population reacted positively to that measure. It's time to take a step further by banning most of the single-use plastics products. 10 of the most harmful single use plastics commonly found on beaches and in the sea account for 70 percent of the marine's litter.

Here' our list of plastic products to be banned because cleaner alternatives and substitutes are available for all these products: 
- plastic cups, cutlery & plates - they can be easily replaced by wooden cutlery, carton & paper cups 
- plastic straws can be replaced by paper or metal straws, they are much better looking anyway 
- plastic cotton buds, great bamboo cotton buds now exist!!! 
- plastic sticks for balloons 
- plastic drink stirrers can be exchanged for wodden ones 
- small plastic bottles because drinking your favorite sodas or beers in a glass bottle is much nicer anyway

Mr Prime Minister, we count on you to bring us closer to our "Ile Maurice Durable" vision with the Ban of Single-Use Plastics in Mauritius. Let's achieve sustain development goals and build a cleaner, better island for the generations to come.


People who love Mauritius