Justice For ShaMay

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On April 11, 2018 ShaMay Gerelene Chorney who was 22 years old with a 7 month old baby was murdered in her own home with what is known as being "hot capped" via Fentanyl. Unfortunately, in the Province of British Columbia, Canada the public union sector has successfully taken the word 'murder' and have replaced it with 'overdose' based on a political agenda to harvest organs from people who are dying from Fentanyl in large numbers. BC is the capital of Canada for money laundering scheme's, and with the laundering of billions of dollars being funneled through casino's and the housing market via illegal Fentanyl sales, criminals have now found a way to illegal harvest organs from the hundreds of death (1500 per year) that relate to Fentanyl, and while many organ harvesting operations are being done legally, it has now gone into illegal organ harvesting with ShaMay Chorney being a victim to this criminal activity.

ShaMay Chorney had her body taken to a hospital and because she wasn't pronounced dead on April 11, 2018 at the scene like she should had been, her body was then put on display for 9 days to rot, as healthcare staff covered up the fact that ShaMay was not only a victim to being murdered, but she also had her organs and body parts illegally harvested via criminal activity being facilitated through the public union sector itself.

ShaMay Choney deserves justice and this petition is requesting for a full investigation into why "murder by Fentanyl" is being used to harvest organs illegally under the disguise of legal organ harvesting, that distracts away from murder by blaming all Fentanyl deaths as suicide or an accident, when clearly it is not.