Implementation of Laws to curb animal cruelty in Pakistan

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This petition is in reference to a recent incident that is being shared on social media. A poor equine was subjected to abuse in a political rally to demonstrate hate towards a political party.

According to Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation  (ACF), the organisation that rescued the donkey after being informed of the incident by a citizen by the name of Abdullah, the baby donkey was beaten to a pulp, punched in the face and abdomen and then tied to a post and had a car rammed into him constantly. He continues to be in trauma post this incident which was reported today (July 16th 2018)

This is one of countless such occurrences, many of which go unreported, due to the fact that not enough is being done to protect these poor animals from abuse of the most unspeakable kind. There aren't enough laws, or those which exist aren't being implemented. The fact that such incidents happen is proof in itself that no penalties are there for the perpetrators. 

This is an incident of extreme animal abuse, lesser versions of which are witnessed everyday on roads. For those of us who follow animal welfare and protection pages, and private organisations on social media which highlight such incidences and carry out rescues, we know that this isn't something new. Not much however is being done at the government level. 

Bills should be passed to include a subject on animal welfare in school curriculums in light of these cases of animal cruelty to instil compassion amongst students early as it is mostly children we see on the streets subjecting animals to abuse. Childhood cruelty to animals is said to be the first warning sign of later delinquency. There is a dire need to ingrain compassion in a society becoming dangerously desensitized to suffering.

It is humbly requested that action be taken against the people who carried out this act so as to set a precedent for the future. It is requested humbly of the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice of this incident. 

Please sign this petition so action may be taken to do something about this issue.