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Raise conservation efforts for polar bears in Canada

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Polar bears are diminishing. Polar bears are keystone species, which means that they are an essential part of their habitat. They maintain their arctic habitat's balance in the ecosystem. They are also an indicator species, which means they are an indicator of the habitat's health.

Global warming is affecting the polar bears' habitats and hunting grounds. This is also a problem because once the ice sheets have all melted away, ocean levels will rise, causing the flood of coastal cities.

The species in that habitat (seals, arctic foxes, etc.) will be affected in a negative way. Population size of the animals will be out of balance and food sources will be scarce for the animals that depended on the polar bears. Saving the polar bears is an important step to save the Arctic.

This petition will be sent to Honourable Cathy (Catherine) Cox, who is the Minister of Sustainable Development for Winnipeg, MB, Canada and this will hopefully bring attention to raise conservation efforts for these essential animals.

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