Garnkiny and Goorlabal NOT Granite!

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Warning: the above video contains images and voices of people who have died

The country of internationally renowned Gija artists Mabel Juli and her brother, the recently late, Mr Peters has been damaged and is under threat.

Recent mining exploration on Gija country in the East Kimberley has caused Traditional Owners great distress and anger. The destruction of culturally significant sites at Jawaren by Kimberley Granite Holdings (KGH) was desecration in Gija law and in clear breach of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972. The area is registered under the Act.

According to the same Act, “It is an offence under s.17 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 to excavate, destroy, damage, conceal, or in any way alter an Aboriginal site.” KGH applied for consent to do just that under Section 18(2) of the Act. Their application was denied, yet they continued to excavate.

In the meantime, the WA Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Ben Wyatt, is the only party with the right to prosecute for breaches of the Act. He is currently undertaking an investigation. We are calling on the minister to quickly complete this investigation and move forward with a prosecution.

This was only an 'exploration'. KGH have illegally removed granite as samples only. They plan to extract thousands more tonnes. The Traditional Owners now have to take their fight to the Native Title Tribunal to stop expansion of the project. This company has broken government law and Gija law and should be held to account.

In his capacity as Minister, Mr Wyatt our demands are as follows:

- Accelerate and complete his investigation. 
- Pursue a legal prosecution of Kimberley Granite Holdings for their breach of Section 18(2) and for destruction of the Gija site.

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