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Seek maximum sentence for animal-abusing NC couple

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Tamara Perez-Lazaro, a woman (with many aliases and now a new FB profile who was once a trusted member of the local animal rescue community, had a new boyfriend (Terry Ray Beasley) move in with her. Because Beasley does not like cats, just after Thanksgiving 2016, they loaded 16 cats in carriers and dumped them on the side of a road that has few residences, woods all around, and a lot of traffic. Some cats were declawed, some were seniors, at least one was missing all her teeth, and all were indoor cats with no survival skills. Since then people have been out every single day looking for these dumped cats and have found 9 so far. Tamara and Terry have not bothered to help. The other cats are probably dead from starvation, freezing or predators.

Tamara also had collected a lot of donations for her "rescue" efforts including cat food, litter, beds, toys, carriers and cash. Rather than turn these items over to those trying to help the cats, she and Beasley posted these items on Facebook sale sites trying to profit off their criminal behavior. 

On 1/24 this couple asked for a court-appointed attorney. The new court date is February 28, 2017. Animal abuse is not considered particularly important in this area -- both charges for Animal Abuse and Animal Abandonment are misdemeanors carrying a maximum of 120 days --  but we would like very much to see these charges escalated to felonies or at the very least have these two receive the maximum possible sentence. Please let the Johnston County, NC District Attorney, Susan Doyle (919-209-5520), know that animal abusers deserve the full weight of the law, or email Andrew Tamer, the ADA prosecuting this case

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