Rape Free Country, Accuesed must be given death penalty on rape with murder cases!!!

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As we can see now a days, Criminal Rape cases are more and more in our country,

Popularly circulating are the Jammu&Kashmir Gang rape and murder, 8year old Asifa Case on Kathua and Unnath Gang rape case in Uttar pradesh of India.

As being an indian am sincerely inviting people who can support me by signing my petition soo that, the accused with be sentenced to death, Please think of ourselves once, in the same position or condition, if our sister was to be there in the same condition, what we would do, and how our sentiments would be hurt.

Everybody knows who are the real culprits, but why the govt is not speaking a word against this, Don't think that it is a religious matter on Hindu nd Muslim, see this matter as threat to the humanity, As they are being raped and murdered today in the name of political power, tomorrow our own will be facing the same, if no one speaks against this,As we have to stand together and fight against this.

Govt should make a law that the person who are involved in rape cases with murder should be hanged to death.


Justice For #8years old #Asifa

Justice For #Unnath