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Justice for 11 week old Puppy Beat to Death

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On Sunday, October 15th 2017, A newly engaged woman posted desperate pleas on Facebook and Instagram stating that she needed to find a home for her 11 week old puppy. Her posts were vague, but she mentioned that the puppy needed to be gone as soon as possible due to "danger in the house." Several people commented on her posts, and even directly messaged her with the intent to adopt the puppy. She would not answer anyone's questions about who was going to harm the puppy, or why the puppy was in danger in the first place. A more detailed story of what happened next can be found in this online news Article. 

To make a long and heinous story short, Dusten Blake Ward and his fiance got into an argument around 10:30 pm on October 22nd; he first beat his fiance unconscious, and then beat the 11 week old puppy to death with a metal pipe. The newly engaged couple are still together, and currently own several Rottweilers whose safety is not guaranteed with Ward in the home.

We are asking for help from our community to get this boy the maximum punishment possible; He had several people who were more than willing to take this puppy, but instead chose to "get rid of it" himself. This was not a last-minute "I didn't know my own strength" type of crime; he had been thinking about killing this puppy for over a week.

The number of animal cruelty cases in Northwest Arkansas is currently on the rise, and we hope that maximizing the punishment for Animal Cruelty will help discourage people from committing these crimes in the future. Wards court case for "Aggravated Animal Cruelty" will take place on December 4th, 2017 at Benton County Circuit Court Division I. Please help keep this animal behind bars where he belongs.

Link to Benton County website with contact information:

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