Request to Grant Railway route between Haveri to Sirsi in 2019 -20 Budget.

Request to Grant Railway route between Haveri to Sirsi in 2019 -20 Budget.

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Shivaram K.V. started this petition to Honorable Prime Minister of India and

Request to Grant Railway route between Haveri – Sirsi (connecting Bangalore – Mumbai broad gauge route in Karnataka) in 2019-20 Budget.

We appreciate that the government is very much concerned about the overall development of the country and is interested in resolving the issues of the public. We request you to sanction Railway facilities to Sirsi and surrounding areas
by connecting Haveri – Sirsi link railway from Bangalore – Mumbai broad
gauge. Haveri- Sirsi railway line is not only eco-friendly from the environmental
point of view but also economically feasible as well. Below are some of the aspects to explain the same.

  • Uttara Kannada is a beautiful district which is also called as 'Kashmir of Karnataka'. This district involves a geographical area of 1024679 hectares, 12 Talukas having 14.4 lakhs of population. Sirsi is the biggest city in the district which connects 6 to 8 Talukas and is at the center of the District. 
  • This proposed Railway link will help in the development of Uttara Kannada and Haveri Districts, as well as part of Shimoga District covering about 20,000 sq kms.
  • Sirsi is a commercial city located at a distance of 73.8 kms from Haveri Railway Station.
  • Arecanut, paddy, spices, groundnut, sugarcane, maize, cotton, chilly, and forest products are being transported to different places in India from this area.
  • Goods like cement, Iron, steel, building materials and medicines etc are imported from other states and cities to this area.
  • Petrol and Diesel tankers too can be transported through the railway line, which has a lot of consumption in the area.
  • People in the area are ready to accept surcharge on goods fare.
  • This route will not just be helpful for the people of Uttara Kannada but also for the people of Haveri district and for a part of Shimoga district as well.
  • Proposed route creates lot of employment due to the development of tourism, industries and trade.
  • Small-scale industries will be started and developed, due to the transport of raw materials via this railway line. 
  • This will definitely help to restrict the migration of people from these rural areas, in search of better jobs.
  • This route will not be damaging the environment much as the planned route has lesser forest area and more of a plane land, hence involving lesser cost.
  • This route has rice mills, food processing units, agricultural and forest produces processing units.
  • More than 5000 passengers travel to Bangalore just from the town of Sirsi. By almost an equal number of people travel from the bordering towns as well. 
  • Hotels, Resorts and Homestay facilities are available on the route which helps in ecotourism of Western Ghats. 
  • The route connects historical and religious places like, Banavasi, Sonda Swarnavalli Mutt, Vadiraj Mutt and Jain Mutt, Tibetan Colony of Mundgod, Marikamba Temple of Sirsi, Tarakeshwara temple of Hangal, etc.
  • Places of tourism around the route are Shree-Kshetra Manjuguni, world famous Yana, Unchalli Falls, Sahasralinga, Sathoddi falls, Magod Falls, Vibhuti falls, etc.
  • Sirsi holds Marikamba fair every alternative year, for a fortnight, which attracts a crowd of around 10 lakh people every day, and this railway route will help them in this regard for sure.
  • This route will help the people living in the area to get better medical facilities in big cities.
  • The survey for the line is already done and the feasibility report is available in the department.

In view of all of these aspects the residents of Sirsi and neighboring towns are requesting for this railway line to be realized for the betterment of their lives and to boost the economy of this region. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!