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Save Tata Teleservices/Employees, Save Telecom Employees before its too late

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Dear Sirs,

News of Shutting down Tata Teleservices operation is doing the round in circle of all telecom employees, It may not be a breaking news/highlight for Media from well obvious reasons but decision is black spot at Indian Telecom Market and Tata sons history as first of type in 149 years business history of Tata group.

History of Tata Sons/Tata Group is about saving employees interest at all levels that have been seen from India to Europe especially in Britain.

When Tata group is known for charity trust and social responsibility, Tata Sons permitting to shut down company while multi-thousand employee’s families would be abandoned? Decision of shutting down will be itself a question mark at Tata group’s policymaking.

Who will be able to face families of 6000 on roll, additionally around 20000-30000+offroll allied employees who given day n night to work for Tata Teleservices.

JIO is definitely a reason of tsunami in Indian Telecom Market and adverse impact at telecom employees in current but if Tata Sons like group is quitting mobile telecom industry, drastic impact at Indian market would be seen.

When many rival companies strategically changed policy of company to boost/optimize business in recent times, Tata group like giant in market choosing to quite that will ruin trust of public in Tata Group and message to common public in India and abroad will not be so supportive for Tata sons/group further.

Tata Teleservices Management met to DoT recently to say about shut down initiation of company as per news.

Have Prime Minister of India/Telecom Minister/Labor Minister/Corporate affairs Minister/Tata Sons been concerned for adjustment plan of all employees in other Tata group to protect interest of multi-thousand employees and their families or none feeling any responsibility of ours?

Is this Job loss not going to dump the “New Job Creation” and “ease of business” slogans in “New India”?

If Tata group is permitted to shut down a company then it is going to be question mark at government policy makers when shutting down a wide base company is quite easy rather than reviving it.

It is a question mark at Labor Ministry that has not yet asked to explore plan for adjustment of multi-thousand employees of Tata Teleservices in other Tata group companies as their fate and survival is on stake, while process of shutting down already started as per news.

Mark it shutting down of Tata Teleservices Operation and abandoning multi-thousand employees family will be having tsunami impact at trembling Indian telecom industry,

Current employees in rest telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, RCOM, JIO etc & vendors companies like Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung etc already have started feeling the trembling future. Around 400000 to 500000 employees in vendors sub vendors and allied dependent companies will be having long lasting adverse impact.

We all are direct tax payers to Government of India, if government permits Tata group to shut down Tata Teleservices without thinking about us then it will be having long lasting and adverse political economical strategically impact that would not be ignored at any stage we hope.

Appeal to Tata Sons & Tata Group Board,

Please don’t shut down Tata Teleservices please workout for revival of company or for adjustment of all employees in other Tata group or other companies, that’s well possible by intervention of Mr. Ratan Tata Patron Tata Sons and Mr. N Chandrasekharan, Tata Group Chairman.

Appeal to Prime Minister/Telecom Minister/Corporate affairs Minister/Labor Minister,

Please don’t permit to shut down Tata Teleservices, ask for revival of company, please don’t permit to abandon multi thousand families of Tata Teleservices employees in trembling telecom market, need to ask for adjustment of all existing employees in rest Tata group companies as last resort at your level.

Appeal to All Telecom Engineers Officers Management and their family members,

Please spread the voice and fight for the cause to save telecom employees future since impact of Tata Teleservices shutdown is just not limited to employees of this company.

 It is adversely going to affect Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, RCOM, Jio, Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE and many more allied sub vendor companies soon, future of all employees going to be very trembling & tough if not stopped such changes in telecom domain now.


#SaveTelecomEmployees #SaveTataDocomo

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