Increase length and height of platforms at railway stations to avoid unfortunate accidents

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Through this petition I'm sincerely requesting Honorable Minister of Railways, Government of India to implement appropriate measures to ensure increased length and height of train platforms at most stations particularly in suburban and rural areas.

It's quite common to observe trains stopping at the stations beyond the designated platform because the length of the platform is either too short to accommodate all the wagons of the train or due to some technical reasons such situations can't be avoided. As a result it becomes very difficult for people to get on and off such trains as the standard height of the wagon floors and the vertical steps are not easy to climb for everyone particularly to elderly and people with disabilities. As often is the case not all the wagons are interconnected so getting off or on boarding the train from another wagon which might be on the platform is also not an option.

Sometimes the wagon unexpectedly stops so far from the platform that passengers have to rush towards it with all the baggage on a raw path alongside the rails which is filled with pebbles. I've seen so many people falling off, slipping and getting injured badly while making a rush effort to reach the designated wagon on time as the train stops only for a while. Sometimes the wagons stop at steep slopes filled with stones thus increasing the floor height further to about 5 feet. So many passengers struggle to get off those steep slippery iron steps of the wagon and meet with unfortunate accidents. In fact it happened to my Mom as well about four years ago when she slipped off the steps while boarding down the train which had stopped outside of the platform and succumbed to major injuries resulting in severe compression fractures in her spine. She had to be on complete bed rest for about six months followed by extended physiotherapy before she could walk again normally nearly after an year. 

It has also been observed that the height of the platform at most stations is not standard which makes it mandatory for people to climb the steps to get on or off the train where platforms are too low. People with disabilities and elderly can't even think of traveling by train to and from such stations. I sometimes wonder how the largest and most regarded railway network of the world has a mixture of low and substandard floor height of the platforms and is ignorant to accessibility guidelines. Imagine the time it takes to get on and off the train while using the steps to climb or get down. Why can't we follow the likes of Metro Rails in the cities where platform height is same as the train floor and very little gap in between and the platform lengths are enough to accommodate all wagons. It considerably makes everyone's life easier and has the potential to save and improve so many precious lives. While significantly reducing the time it takes to get on or off the train safely, even the people with reduced mobility can roll off their wheel chairs very easily if platform height and the gaps in between are comfortable to get on.

By signing this petition I'm voicing the concerns of crores of Indian citizens requesting to take significant measures to help make it affordable for passengers to on-board or off-board the trains easily by increasing length and height of the platforms appropriately. If Indian Railways can make the platform the same length and height as either train the initiative would be enormous.