Increasing Crime in Delhi - Are you safe ?#Crimecapital to #safestcapital#Massmovement

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As per NCRB there is 12% increase in crime in Delhi . Theft has become a new normal in Delhi while travelling especially in DTC buses. My wallet was stolen while travelling in bus in Feb and obviously there is no chance I could have found it even with the help of Delhi Police . Today 6 people stolen a mobile phone in front of my eyes in bus and when the grieved tried to stop them they slapped him and even showed him a dagger . I tried to help but they overpowered me and left me scared and thinking at the same time. As per a report every hour there are 7 people in Delhi that are prone to mobile theft and I consider it a conservative number as many cases are either not reported or not registered by police. This made me write this petition as a responsible citizen of India for peace and security in society.

Another issue which is bothering most of Delhiites is the increasing cases of snatching . As per a report there is 400% increase in cases of snatching in Delhi in last 4 years . These numbers I am giving are quoted either by govt or govt agencies.

Leave aside major crimes these petty crimes play a disruptive role in everyday life of citizens. People like me who want to make use of public transport as they are cheaper and more environment friendly are trying to avoid it due to these cases . 

Thief's roaming freely in groups stealing from  people and if people resist they are so confident of using a dagger or knife and even slapping them in public and getting away .

Some days earlier there was an open shooting by a man on an old women and also one gang war in my locality. Increasing number of house thefts is also a matter of concern .

Drugs like cannabis are selling freely in Delhi and the youth which the Prime Minister looks up to for New India is getting ruined .

There is an ongoing debate between sharing of powers between Central Govt ( represented by Leitunient Governor ) and Delhi Govt . But one thing is very clear that Public order and  Police comes under Ministry of Home Affairs , GoI . 

The National Capital Territory is in a chaos as far as law and order is concerned . The citizens are living in a constant fear of either losing their valuables or even their life .

I request all responsible citizens of Delhi to make it a mass movement and  create an example that if citizens are united they can make the state function in its true sense and make Delhi the safest capital in the world .

Jai Hind ...