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No modification of Russell Seese's sentence of animal cruelty


Russell Seese duct tapped Lex's muzzle and legs, threw her in a chicken coup and left her to die while he went to work. Fortunately Lexi survived this ordeal because Seese's own mother found Lexi and reported her son to the authorities. 

Seese was charged with 2 counts of animal cruelty, to which one has been dismissed and he received a fine of $500.00 and a jail sentence of 48 hours to 12 months. Seese served 48 hours for the torture of Lexi. 

Seese is now looking to modify his sentence and we can NOT let this happen, he only received a slap on the hand. 

The following information is where you can send your letters, emails or faxes to:

To the DA:

Raymond J Tonkin
Pike county DA office 506 Broad St.
Milford PA 18337

Phone# 570-296-3482
Fax# 570-296-3559

To the judge:

Joseph Kameen
410 Broad St
Milford PA 18337

Ph#'s 570-296-3556 or 570-296-6216
General fax# 570-296-6054 (put attention Honorable Judge Kameen)


Please be the voice of Lexi for she is a voiceless victim of torture. No animal deserves to be treated in such a manner.


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  • Protest for Lexi
    Honorable Judge Joseph Kameen and District Attorney Raymond J Tonkin

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