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Please allow our family to remain together in the United States.

Dear Honorable Immigration Judge:

Our family is going through one of the most difficult situations I believe we will ever face. My husband, a Guatemalan national, is facing deportation. We are seeking non-lawful permanent resident cancellation of removal. My husband has been here for more than 16 years; we have a 12-year old son. Our son is an excellent student and plays travel and middle school soccer.  I have a great job and my husband owns and runs a successful small business, with opportunity to grow the business should he be granted permanent residency.   

We tried to adjust my husband’s status in early 2002, but by then, any avenue to permanent residency for him was closed. We were married in December of 2001 but paperwork to sponsor him for residency had to have been underway by April of 2001 for him to be granted a status adjustment.

It is too dangerous in Guatemala for me and my son to relocate there, but we will be lost without Jorge, my husband and my son’s father, if he is deported. The United States is all I and my son have ever known. Our family has always paid taxes, contributed positively to our community in many ways and we have built a wonderful life together. Please allow our family to stay together in the United States.


Dianne Penate

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