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Petitioning Premier of Manitoba Honorable Greg Seligner

Change animal cruelty laws in the province of Manitoba

Concern for animal welfare has become paramount with better social education and “shock” posting on social media. Along with these concerns, the current Animal Care Act has come under scrutiny of concerned citizens. Persons with pets view these four-legged friends more as family members than “property.”

In June of 2013, NO ANIMAL LEFT BEHIND was created. We stand behind the betterment of our laws and continually improving the lives of those without a voice within the Province of Manitoba. Our current goals are to change the wording within the current Animal Care Act to:

1.      Change 2(1), (a) of the Animal Care Act from “shall ensure that the animal has an adequate source of food and water” to “shall ensure that the animal has an adequate source of FRESH food and FRESH water” as stagnant water and moldy food has been considered an adequate source.

2.      Create transparency with regards to investigations and how they are conducted. To ensure that proper records are kept as to living conditions and body condition of the animals so that a secondary review may be conducted or a citizen may request records for an independent review. At present, citizens must wait to see if a news release is given into the status of a case.

3.      Creating transparency with regards to the required background education and/or training of an Animal Protection Officer. Currently, these are not searchable on any public database.

4.      Changing the current classification of Horses from commercial animals to companion animals. The majority of horses within the Province of Manitoba are kept as pets or working animals, with the exception of PMU (pregnant mare urine) farms where they are used for the collection of an animal by-product.

We will continue to work towards future changes to the Animal Care Act to ensure that the health and welfare of animals is met with more than just a minimum standard of care, as well as working with local partnerships to ensure that the goals are attainable.

NO ANIMAL LEFT BEHIND will continue to advocate for but not limit to: Mental Health Evaluations in cases of hoarding. Background education/training for Animal Protection Officers to include but not limit to: animal behaviorist, veterinarian/vet technician, criminology, social work, animal first aid, also making photo-documenting mandatory within any and all investigations.

Now is the time to act. By signing this petition, you are helping to support strengthen Animal Protection Laws within Manitoba, thereby making it a safer place for our pets to live. Animal Welfare laws have never been at the forefront as often as they have in the last 5 years. Help us by being that voice for the voiceless.

The People of Manitoba want their voices heard. We are committed to making this Province a better place for our pets!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support!


Letter to
Premier of Manitoba Honorable Greg Seligner
THE PETITION OF THE UNDERSIGNED urge the Honorable Legislative Assembly of Manitoba to amend the current Animal Care Act.
We strongly feel our current Animal Care Act is inadequate and not offering effective protection for the animals in our province.

Our grievances are:
1. Minimum standards of care: fresh food and fresh water whereas stagnant water and moldy food has been accepted.
2. Transparency of investigations of all animals and living conditions for possible secondary investigation or review by an independent citizen. At present a citizen has to wait for a news release to find out if anything has been done with a case.
3. Transparency of background qualification requirements for Animal Protection officers as there are none currently. A regular citizen should have access to this information.
4. Horses classed as commercial animals: as the greater number are kept as pets and companions within our province, we would like horses to be re-classed as companion animals.

Only through stronger legislation that allows for prosecution of animal cruelty and neglect, will Manitoba be a just and compassionate Province. WHEREOF YOUR PETITIONER HUMBLY PRAYS THAT YOUR HONORABLE HOUSE MAY BE PLEASED to work towards stronger protection for our companion animals, AND AS IN DUTY BOUND YOUR PETITIONER WILL EVER PRAY