Lenny Singleton - 2 Life Sentences + 100 yrs for stealing $550 & no one was injured

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To Whom It May Concern:
            My name is MSgt Lionel A. Maybin, and I am a retired disabled veteran.  I served with honor in the United States Air Force for the past 23 years defending our nation and its constitutional principles of equality and justice for all.  I am writing you today in an attempt to right a serious injustice that has occurred.
           While serving in Hawaii I volunteered my Friday evenings to work with incarcerated individuals that had experience with drug addiction, in particular experience with crack cocaine.  From working with these individuals, I began to understand the extent of my brother's addiction and the challenges an addict faces.  I now realize how hard it must have been for my brother trying to overcome his addiction, especially without any guidance from his older brother or other family members.  I wish with all my heart that I had been there for him to help guide him and give him support in the choices he was making.
            My brother Leonard Lenon Singleton is currently incarcerated in Nottoway Correctional Center in Burkeville, Virginia for committing 8 robberies in 7 days while under the influence of alcohol and crack cocaine.  He stole less than $550.  It was his first felony offense and none of his crimes were committed with a gun nor was anyone murdered or even injured during any of the incidents. There are no victim impact statements made against my brother.  For 6 of these robberies, he received 2 Life Sentences plus 100 years.  He has currently served 20 years and is scheduled to die in prison.  Judge Rutherford did not provide the court, our family, or Lenny an explanation as to why he sentenced my brother so severely.  We were devastated that day in the courtroom, and can only think that the Lord has a plan.
             While incarcerated, my brother Lenny has become a leader and a role model.  Prior to incarceration he had earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and after graduation, once again tried to follow in his big brother’s footsteps by joining the Navy where he served 2 years.  He is not your typical prisoner.  And he is not a habitual criminal. Currently, he works at Virginia Correctional Enterprises in a position of authority and has resided in the Honor’s Dormitory for the majority of his incarceration.  He has played many leadership roles through the church and is looked upon with respect by the other inmates and by the security staff.  Now clean from the drugs that had taken over his spirit, he has returned to being an upright individual and the brother I love – always smiling, always ready to help, always ready to learn something new.  He needs to be given a second chance.
            The severity of his sentence serves as a poignant reminder that our justice system still does not live up to the principles that our country was founded upon and the principles that I fought to protect during my time in the Air Force.  Lenny is currently serving more time than many repeat violent offenders, rapists, child molesters and murderers he is incarcerated with.  It’s time for my brother Lenny to come home.  Towards that end, I have created a Facebook page, a website, and have incorporated a committee to bring public awareness to Lenny’s situation and the statement it makes about our criminal justice system and the need for prison reform.
             Please visit to read Lenny’s story in his own words and to find out more information.  We are asking today that you take a look at his situation and help us bring it to light to the Virginia Parole Board and the Governor’s Office or any other individuals or organizations that might help him gain his freedom.  Please email me at if you would like additional information or have something to share.   God Bless You All,

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