Issue Court Order for permitting Pet Animals in Residential Apartments

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I adopted a cute pet dog from my friend which is a cross breed of German Shepherd.The pet dog is registered by the health department of GHMC, Telangana and vaccinated as per schedule.

The Article 51A(g) of Constitution of India insists compassion to all living creatures, but we were forced to remove our pet dog from our flat.

Although the Animal Welfare Board of India`s recent circular says

"No Resident Welfare Association has the right to ban residents from keeping pets in their apartments, not even by getting a majority vote in the society with the help of other tenants or residents. Doing so is a violation of the law",

Click the below link for detailed circular.

Guidelines - with respect to Pet & Street Dogs, and their Care-Givers, and for Residents` Welfare Associations and Apartment Owners Association

No individual in the apartment is respecting the views of pet lovers and simply harass and threaten.

We were continuously harassed for one month with several notices, warnings and humiliated during the special residential meeting called for, only with the created agenda focused on "Dog Nuisance". It is more of personal rivalry and ego rather than the Dog Nuisance. Further, It is only with the expectation that "Someone`s Will should become a Law".

It is also believed that “Most harassment and threats are settled once for all permanently out of court when legal notices are issued by Honorable Court of India”

In view of the same, it is requested that unconditional general court notice shall be served to all citizens of India as per the guidelines set by local municipality to respect  the Fundamental rights of Constitution of India. The served notice shall benefit the pet lovers to love & live with the pet animals and educate the Residential Welfare Associations and their members to abide and respect the law.