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The Green Party is the Peace Party, the one voice in the political array that doesn't rely on about-face justification for continuing international violence underpinning notions of a superior calling for our nation.  What does that mean?  On Veteran's Day, what is the price of war?

I'm from a military family.  My dad went into the Navy right out of high school, and is a Pearl Harbor survivor.  After the war, he went Army, to finish his twenty years.  Growing up, I attended 13 schools before I finished 9th grade, most of them in rural villages, where the Nike missile base was a barracks for the privates, the missile "silo" was a cramped metal trailer, and the two families with kids were temporary outsiders.

Except for aunt Marianne, who was a navy nurse, the military didn't want women, so we four daughters were not expected to enlist. As a woman, I was often told I had no right to an opinion in favor of peace, unless I had a brother or a cousin in combat. Like many of you, I decided that the way you best fight war is to get there ten years beforehand, and prevent despair by fixing what was wrong.

My husband's family was also military. In their Appalachia, no one was drafted-- they were Volunteers. His dad never saw a plane close-up, til he climbed into one, to learn to fly it for WWII. He re-upped, and finished his military career by teaching ROTC, in a building on campus that a Quaker-led group, including me, would stumble into one day, and occupy long enough to pray for the dead, and the still living. My as-yet-unmet husband's only brother was among the unnamed for whom we prayed. His unarmed reconnaissance plane was shot down, the last fatality from Tucson. Until the next war.

How do we count the cost? There was the warrior's widow who, with two toddlers to raise alone, commenced a writing and publishing career with a Memorial Day article, asking for peace. She never remarried, and, she was eventually disabled with a brain tumor, and my husband and I became her caregivers. That is the part of the war that extends forever-- that the one who should be there to help, years later, is, instead, a name my hand touches on a Wall, as I touch the places where he should have been, and was not, and the differences that it made, to people I care deeply about, and people who will never even know that he existed.

How do we, in the Green Party, honor the vet, on this Veteran's day, the one who lived, the one who did not? I have marched so often over the years, stood in vigils, helped tie a ribbon around the Pentagon. I've been cheered, been ignored, been spit on by old men with VFW hats. My husband, too, had marched against the War, and, in haunting, last letters back, his brother blessed the marching.

The only "thank you" big enough for Veteran's Day is taking up the duty to find a better way.  Praise of their courage, in a speech or a flag-colored bumper sticker, is too small. Throwing one beloved corpse upon the next, to justify having thrown the first, is sad beyond grief.  The truest word is that they are lost to combat because we did not work hard enough to build a world where war was avoided, because peace was the better option.

They planted a Peace Rose on Dave's grave, but it was gone by the time we buried his wife beside him. The next year, my husband and I took my dad back to see Pearl Harbor again. And last month, my cousin Clifford's son, Aaron, was killed in Afghanistan, leaving a widow and two young children, and we all cried again.

No more names on a Wall, or bumpersticker praise for the Vet. Raise your voice. Raise our collective voices, supporting those who speak for peace, and who stand on the platform of our party to do so, and speak through the megaphone of their candidacy, and challenge the war-makers at the one place they can be displaced-- the ballot box. Ballots can unmake bullets, but only if the Party committed to peace endures, and for that, we need your support.

This is not a small thing, and we are the only political Party that does it. If our Party is silenced, then we become spectators in a stymied, broken version of democracy, and the wars go on.

Donate today. Help your Green Party make enduring peace, this Veteran's Day. 
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Claudia Ellquist

Arizona Green Party

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Greenline, Oct 2009   :)

Greens Make a Difference in November 3 Elections

The Green Party made some big new moves and proved that it has earned the voter's support in Tuesday's local elections.

Greens in California made history again by winning, for the fourth time in American history, a majority on a town council.  Pam Hartwell-Herrero finished first of seven candidates to join Lew Treamine and Larry Bragman on the majority-Green Fairfax Town Council.  Greens also earned majorities on the Arcata, CA council in the late 90s and in Sebastopol, CA and the village of New Paltz, NY earlier in this decade.

In Minnesota, incumbent Minneapolis City Council Cam Gordon was re-elected, as well as long-time Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board member Annie Young.

Greens on the East Coast showed their skills with perfect election nights. Two candidates ran for city councils in Maryland and both were victorious.  Dan Robinson maintained his seat on the Takoma Park, MD council and Christine Nagle won her election to the College Park, MD council.  In New Caanan, CT, three Greens ran for Constable and all were elected.

Elsewhere in new England, Kevin Donoghue and David Marshall won re-election to the Portland (ME) City Council.  Chuck Turner was re-elected to the Boston City Council.

In New York, in a partisan race, Mary Jo Long was re-elected to the Afton Town Council and Jennifer Dotson was re-elected to the Ithaca Common Council.  Lynne Serpe put the Green Party on the map in New York City, winning nearly 25% in her race for New York City Council.

To see more 2009 election results, visit http://www.gp.org/elections/2009-videos/november-results.html.  To get a sneak preview of the 2010 Green Party candidates from your area, visit the Green Party's comprehensive election database at http://www.gp.org/elections.shtml.


Fall 2009 edition here.   For your convenience we've listed all the articles below.

If you would like a full edition to hand out to new members or at local tabling events, the Summer 2009 edition is still available for sale in our online store.  Most of this edition was written to stay relevant for the rest of the year, so order today! 


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-----Young Greens

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Calling All Young Greens


State Reports
Poll Results




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