Honor the Victims of Terrorism, Both at Home and Abroad.

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There are literally hundreds of Americans that have died overseas, fallen victims to terrorism while defending their country - or innocent targets simply because of their nationality. Congress at one time, in the wake of 911, sent a mandate to the U.S. Senate for the creation of a national monument dedicated to the fallen victims of terrorism, both at home and abroad. At the time, it was known as H. R. 2982, but the resolution died in the Senate without any consideration. This country needs to recognize those individuals who sacrificed so much as military personnel to preserve our freedom, or who died as innocent civilians and thereby showed us just how precious that freedom is - whether they were martyred at home or on foreign soil. The purpose of such a monument can be twofold, for it should also stand as a testament to the need for peace and the end to senseless violence. This petition respectfully asks that H. R. 2982 be revisited and reconsidered.