HK pets and COVID - no more culling

HK pets and COVID - no more culling

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Started by T Mccal

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We are reaching out, as owners of pets and concerned citizens, with regard to the recent culling of hamsters (and other small mammals).  It is now reported that cats and possibly dogs have been tested positive for COVID.  

We are particularly concerned with the welfare of these animals and their fate given the recent stance of AFCD.  

We urge the Veterinary community to actively seek dialogue and solution with the AFCD and any other government departments to ensure the safety of these animals.  

We do not condone the culling of any healthy animals, whether they are registered to owners or not.  

There should be serious and constructive discussions with experts and veterinarians before any decision is made with regard to the life and death of any healthy animal. 

COVID is NOT a death sentence, neither for humans nor for animals.   

It is highly stressful to see what had happened to the hamsters and now the worry is carrying over to other pets.  

Please reach out to AFCD to allay our anxiety as pet owners.  

We know what we are asking is unprecedented but so is our fear for the welfare of our beloved pets.  

Thank you.  










知道我們的要求是前所未有的,但對我們的寵物福利, 安全的恐懼也是如此。


565 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!