A call to End Violence and Return to Nonviolent Protest for Democracy in Hong Kong

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As citizens from many countries, we believe that nonviolent civil disobedience is a more effective means of gaining international support for Hong Kong’s democracy movement than acts of violence and destruction.

As supporters of Hong Kongers who seek more democratic methods of choosing their leaders, we express our concern that resorting to violence and destruction is counterproductive.

We ask that both sides in the dispute over democracy better constrain those who use harm to people and damage to property to advance their goals. Such tactics are less likely to gain International support.
We urge leaders of other countries to use their influence to encourage Hong Kong’s leaders to protect the democratic rights of Hong Kongers, including the pursuit of universal suffrage, and to listen to their demands for more democratic governance, for investigations, and for processes of reconciliation.

We expect the leaders of Hong Kong to act independently of the national government, just as the leaders of states and provinces of many democratic countries do.
Finally, we ask that all people in Hong Kong show tolerance and respect to others who may have different cultural backgrounds, speak different languages and hold different viewpoints.
We hope that all sides can see how ending the violence and engaging in dialogue, with real concessions, can best preserve the freedoms that Hong Kong has had, while developing Hong Kong into a truly democratic autonomous region.