Honest and Accurate Intensity for Red Light Therapy Panels

Honest and Accurate Intensity for Red Light Therapy Panels

June 28, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Andrew LaTour

Red Light Therapy is booming into the mainstream as a simple, affordable, and effective health modality. It has a rapidly expanding science-base on Pubmed and in medical journals - owning to it's remarkable applications for everything from skincare to brain health. With a strong research basis and increasing word-of-mouth with personal results, mainstream skepticism about using "light" as a healing modality has subsided.

Another barrier to entry was the incredible cost of therapeutic lasers, and the restricted availability due to regulations from the FDA on laser safety.

This has been resolved from clever entrepreneurs commercializing retrofitted grow lights into LED red light therapy products. LEDs also have a strong basis in Photobiomodulation literature, and may offer the same benefits as lasers when the parameters are made equal. 

But one big barrier still remains. Most red light therapy panel brands are still lying about the intensity output from their panels.

The impressive claims of ">100mW/cm^2 at 6 inches away" has never been delivered by ANY commercial red light therapy panel on the market. 

In most cases, red light therapy panels are delivering HALF of the intensity that they claim.

What happened? We believe the root cause was due to ignorance and a lack of diligence. The grow light companies that originally sold these retrofitted therapy panels were using Solar Power Meters to measure intensity. 

The Solar Power Meters are not calibrated to accurately measure Red and Near-Infrared LEDs, leading to a dramatically falsely high measurement. 

And worse, now many Red Light Therapy panel brands HAVE 3rd party testing, but choose to be deceptive about their intensity output anyway. 

Their fear? Perhaps there could be lawsuits, regulatory action, or simply loss of sales if these brands decided to be honest about intensity now. 

Our petition? We demand that companies have their panels measured accurately, and transparently advertise the intensity at the relevant treatment distance.

And do away with any misleading ">100mW/cm^2" claims unless it is actually professionally verified and relevant to the treatment distance. (i.e., stop claiming irrelevant things like ">100mW/cm^2 at device surface")

Our promise! We promise that the companies that are brave enough to come forward and update their advertising will NOT suffer serious financial repercussions. They will have gained the trust of the industry, and will be celebrated and promoted. 

We Ask! That you sign this petition, send requests to red light therapy panel brands and manufacturers for transparency and accuracy, and support companies who are trying to do the right thing.

Written By: Andrew LaTour, owner of GembaRed LLC. The first and only red light panel company to have 3rd party intensity measurements AND be transparent with advertising the results. Our honesty has been our biggest point of ridicule and loss of sales, since we have to compete side-by-side with companies that are being willfully deceptive about intensity. 


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Signatures: 259Next Goal: 500
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