Legalise medicinal and recreation marijuana In Queensland

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I am proud of our beautiful country and inspired by the plethora of cultures, ethnic diversity and freedom we all benefit from.

I would like to imagine that the freedom, sociological and economic infrastructure that Australian life entails is built on a foundation of honest work and complemented by research and scientific endeavours.

I have never felt more passionate about any issue to our society than the legalisation of medicinal and recreational marijuana.

What we now have and I am sure you have the resources to validate, is fundamental evidence from a multitude of studies that prove beyond any doubt that marijuana can benefit society.

We now can see the tax revenue funding schools, hospitals, education on a scale that has the potential to eclipse alcohol and cigarettes.

Giving adults controlled access to safely produced marijuana could be a fantastic legacy any government.

On a personal note, back pain is horrible. I have watched as my wife has suffered back pain continuously for the majority of her adult life. Recently on our travels to parts of the world that have lenient and modern marijuana laws I have witnessed my wife substitute heavy painkillers with this plant. I have tried to gain access to medical marijuana through the new government regulations. This adventure promptly ended in disappoint as I found that that back pain did not qualify my wife to access this plant under Queensland law.

My wife and I consider ourselves to be upstanding contributors to society working to build meaning full and rich lives.

I ask you to please consider signing this petition to help my wife and others like her to access this plant.

Please look at the facts. Investigate the evidence and I know that you will understand my sentiment and millions like me.