Immigration Summits, a platform for South Africans to voice their concerns to government

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Request for Nationwide Immigration Summits

This is a petition by South African citizens who are concerned about massive illegal immigration into South Africa and the safety risks (personal and property) it exposes them to. It is their view that the country's borders aren't offering them adequate protection.

The petition is purely a citizens' initiative that is independent of political parties and the citizens who support the petition are doing so in their individual capacities as citizens, not as members of any political parties that they might be affiliated to.

The petition is motivated by the following:

  1. Our national borders are porous, involuntarily subjecting us to the sharing of public spaces with undocumented individuals, compromising our safety.
  2. We feel unsafe in our homes, streets, work, social and other public spaces.
  3. Our government comes across as being apathetic to our plight and at any sign of us complaining, we get labelled xenophobic to such an extent that "xenophobia" and all other words related to it feel like tools of subduing, bordering on subjugation, used for silencing us into accepting what we're unhappy with. That does not feel like democracy.
  4. Our government's apparent stance on the subject of our national borders is possibly not aligned with that of citizens in general, a cause for concern in a democratic country such as ours.
  5. Recent, recurrent attacks on our SAPS (South African Police Service) in Johannesburg and Tshwane by foreign nationals is a cause for concern. It heightens our safety concerns in the hands of foreign nationals. Attacking our SAPS was a display of utter disdain for the country and lack of regard for the state's arm that is in charge of protecting citizens from harm. What then of us ordinary people with no authority, power or means of protecting ourselves from them?
  6. Citizens have other concerns stemming from the massive immigration into our country, in particular the illegal variant of immigration. They are not included here, as the point of departure for this petition is our safety.

Relief sought:

We need a voice, to be heard, we've been silenced for over a decade through being labelled xenophobic.

We wish to see the subject of immigration being handled in line with the wish of the majority of citizens, not what government and politicians are imposing upon us. This feeling of being unfairly exposed to danger is the general and overall feeling of citizens but it is subject to being denied since that has never been proven. Politicians tell us how to feel. Our lived experiences tell us differently. Politicians, including those in government, are far removed from our daily realities as ordinary people.

Since ours is a democratic country, the "majority rules". We wish to see what the majority of citizens want being implemented. It is in that spirit that we request our government to host nationwide Immigration Summits, similar to the "land summits" that the government hosted before, as a platform for citizens to let government know how they feel about illegal immigration, how they are affected by it and what steps they wish to see being taken to address related problems. The citizens view this as the only way that the government, which appears to be far removed from their lived experiences, will get a grasp of their daily realities and thus be in a position to implement the wish of the majority, putting democracy into action.

The point of departure for the petition is the safety risks citizens are subjected to as a result of the involuntary sharing of living, work, social and other public spaces with undocumented individuals. The summits will also serve as a platform for citizens to raise any other concerns that they might have on the subject of immigration.

Our safety is our primary concern, above all others, it is a prerequisite to us being around for the others...