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Please help us petition, State, local, and Federal Governments for the protection in all states for our Kangaroo's from being slaughter for pet meat and super market shelves, ban the killing of our Kangaroos. Harsher penalties for anyone abusing Kangaroos. Our Kangaroos are our coat of arms, they represent Australia to the world, they are the emblem of Australia's airline, tourist come to Australia to see our Kangaroo's which are unique to Australia and found nowhere else in the world., Yet they are slaughtered every night by the hundreds, with the recent bush fires all over Australia there has been thousands burnt to death and thousands more dying from smoke inhalation, injuries and starvation, and still the government is allowing the slaughter of these magnificent animals. If we do not protect these magnificent gentle animals they will be gone forever and future generations will be denied them.  Our kangaroos are shot every night  by the hundreds all over Australia and the joeys are either left to die or they are bludgeoned to death. Their habitat is destroyed by councils for housing leaving the Kangaroos without food, water or shelter , they are fenced off so they can not get the basics of life which every living thing is entitled, while our governments turn a blind eye.  Sign and share this petition to Help us STOP this slaughter  and abuse, protect Australia's Kangaroos..