John Forrest Tavern - Help Manky and his mates

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Manky (20+ years old), Dribbly and their friends face dire consequences after Dept of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) told the John Forrest Tavern to cease SUPPLEMENTARY feeding of a group of older and sometimes injured kangaroos.  Something the tavern manager has done for the PAST 17 YEARS, initially with the full support (and training some 16 years ago) of the local rangers.

Manky.... a 20 year old wild kangaroo that has been fed her vet approved Muesli for breakfast (if he chooses to) at John forest tavern the past 17 years. The Roos which visit the tavern are wild and live in the park. Now, since a photo of Manky in the pub has gone viral, the tavern owners have been told by the powers that stop feeding the breakfast, and they are also considering moving or culling the Roos who visit the tavern. I heard the owners daughter on abc radio yesterday, so today we went up to sign the petition to stop this happening. Manky.. who happened to be chilling in the pub was happy for me to take his pic.. The owners (for 19 years now) have just continued what CALM were doing when they took over. They also look out for the Roos and pay for vet bills if someone is not doing so good. It is unique and it isn’t hurting anyone, there has never been any trouble from the Roos. We have now created this partition to enable those not able to sign the paper copy at the tavern to have their say.

Read the stories, sign the petition.  Lets make a difference.