Support the event, entertainment and arts industry deal with the event shutdown

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The Federal Government has advised all "non-essential, organised gatherings" of 500 people or more be cancelled from Monday to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Protecting the health and safety of the Australian public is vital. It is a common-sense approach that will assist in slowing the transmission of the COVID-19 disease.

However, the Government's decision has caused an entire industry to grind to an immediate halt. A $30.5 billion industry has been shut down without support for the industry or consideration given to the impact of the shutdown on the thousands employed in the industry. 

This Federal Government's decision has left thousands of event industry professionals out of work. The industry is characterised by a high proportion of casual and contract employees. These employees do not have entitlements such as annual leave meaning they are on the economic margins and could be pushed into poverty if not given support.

We, the Australian Events Industry, call upon the Australian Federal Government to provide immediate, specific and proportioned support to both the industry at large and those employees left without work from the slew of cancelled events. 

Thanks to Live Performance Australia and the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance for the figures used in this petition.