STOP FACS/DOCS stealing Special Needs Children from loving families.

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How our Autistic son was stolen by FACS, and how this could happen to you! Please take the time to read, it could save your child's life.

Nearly 2 years ago i was caring for my son Toby then 12, dx with Autism level 2, ADHD, Developmental delay, Slow processing Disorder. He was in Distance Education as no school would take him or could manage him.

I struggled even though he completed his classes, had therapy 4 times per week and did chores around the house. But Things got to breaking point and i asked for help from FACS, they did not help, his NDIS money was gone on therapy, no room for respite, I couldn't cope.

FACs then removed Toby from my care and a case worker said it would be for three months. He said with his hand over his heart i would have him back. Before the three months, FACS changed case workers to another worker who had no intention of ever returning Toby.

He was put in various facilities, all of which could not cope with him, to this date he has been in 7 different facilities, including 3 months in a motel at one point.

Toby his high care, he is intelligent enough but is basically like a 5-year-old. He doesn’t get consequences and is unable to understand social ques. He has report after report saying what his problems are and what needs to be done, but FACS has in the last two years given him NO therapy, moved him from house to motel to house to motel as no one can cope with him.

His current school, Grossman High wants him out but can’t find anyone who will take him. The treatment he is currently receiving there is appalling. He has just been housed with a with a 17 year old boy who is very troubled and does not attend school,   as the boy he was with before took an AVO against him for inappropriate language. Toby pretty much broke the AVO immediately as expected as he is 5 in his brain and has no idea of how serious things are. The boy with the AVO against him assaulted him, he choked him around the neck. Lifting him of the floor by his head, and then threw him down and pummelled into his back. A police report was made but according to the police, Toby broke the AVO because he flicked a small amount of water at the boy.

We have approached our local member Jenny Aitchison MP, who initially was very concerned and tried to help but after a phone call to FACS said there was nothing she could do. This was over a year ago, we have contacted her office again, this time we were told they will take it to the minister in 8 to 10 weeks.

Toby has been in the care of Life Style Solutions for nearly 2 years in that time things are getting worse and worse. I on the other hand since the initial incident have seen a psychiatrist,  who dx me with bipolar and medicated me, and I see a psychologist  fortnightly. My partner and Toby’s father, Michael Ralston is also dx with Autism level 2 and has been seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist all this time as well. We are also seeing a family councillor  fortnightly. We are literally jumping through all the hoops to try and get our son back, but nothing is helping, we are ignored. 

I am finding out that it is common for FACS to remove a child with special needs rather than provide help and support.

Children with special needs are the new stolen generation.

We are desperate for help, 

We need help. We have approached the minister, we have made complaints to FACS, Life Style Solutions, Office of the Children’s guardian, and the ombudsman. We keep being advised to go to the media, please help us. We want our boy back home where he belongs.

We have decided to create a petition to help raise awareness of this shocking ongoing problem for parents of children with special needs.

These special children need help in the home, with their loving family, not to be removed, institutionalised, frequently criminalised, the data is there to see.

The agencies make big money out of our special needs children.

It would cost significantly less to provide help to parents or carers in the home, rather than rehouse them with people who don't care about them.

My son is nearly 15 and this is a key part of his development, but if you read the stories on my facebook page, you will see this can happen to special needs children as young as 2 yrs old. 

It is also very common that once institutionalised they end up in the juvenile justice system. 

Help me fight FACS from Stealing our Special Children against our will and forcing them into lives of misery without family or friends.