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Most Respected Sirs,                                                                      The traffic ban at night on the stretches of highways (NH 212 which is now renamed as 766,NH 67 and SH 33) passing through the Tiger  Reserves of Bandipur and Nagarhole has become a major issue.  When possibilities of having highways bypassing these highly critical areas of the Tiger Reserves are there ,why can't authorities consider it.                                                         Kindly see the following options.                                                                     (1)If the Mysore- Bavali-Mananthavady (SH 33 in Karnataka)  is realigned from Gundathur via Machur-Byranakuppe-Bavali-Shanamangalam-Palvelicham-Payyampalli-Valliyurkavu, the core areas of Bandipur and Nagarhole  Tiger Reserves and Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary could be bypassed. A Bridge across River Kabini would be required to bypass a small stretch of forest coming under the southern tip of forests in the Kakanakote Range. This  could be upgraded as a NH by extending this to Penukonda in Andhra Pradesh from Mysore via Udayagiri- Remnahalli-Chandgal-Ganjam-Nimishamba Temple- Pandavpura-Kunigal- Tumukuru- Koratagere-Hindupur and to Kannur from Mananthavady via Ambayathode-Kottiyur Temple-Peravur-Shivapuram-Mattannur-Kannur International Airport.                              (2)Proposal is there to upgrade the Somawarpete -Madikeri-Gonikoppa-Kutta-Tholpetty-Mananthavady Road as a National Highway.If this is realigned from Tholpetty via Aranappara-Appappara-Panavalli to reach Mananthavady  Wild Life Sanctuary could be bypassed. This NH could be extended to Kozhikode from Mananthavady via Kallodi -Pakrathalam-Kuttiyadi-Perambra -Vengalam and to Ranebennur or Davangere from Somawarpete via Sakhaleshpur-Chickamagalur-Tarikere-Shivamoga.At Kozhikode this could be connected to the upcoming Kochi-Kozhikode  Coastal Highway. This could be developed as a Kochi -Pune Economic Corridor connecting the cities in between like Kozhikode -Shivamoga-Davangere-Hubballi-Belagavi-Kohlapur ect.                                                         (3)Another Highway from Srirangapatna(on Mysore -Bangalore NH 275) to Kalpetta via Belagola-Yelwal-Hunsuru-Hanagodu-Abburu-Kanooru-Kutta-Kattikulam-Koyileri-Panamaram also could be considered which would reduce the distance between Bangalore and Kozhikode considerably.                                                                                 (4)The proposed Railway line from Mysore to Kerala could be laid from Kadakola close to the Mysore Airport and Industrial belts of Mysore  to  Mananthavady via Hullahalli-Sargur-Gundathur-Machur-Byranakuppe-Bavali-Shanamangalam-Palvelicham-Kurukkanmoola-Ondayangadi.From Mananthavady one line could be laid to Thalassery via Thalappuzha 44-Ambayathode-Mattannur-Kannur International Airport -Anjarakkandi -Muzhappilangad and another one to Feroke(Kozhikode)via Kalpetta -Pozhuthana-Kedavur-Thamarassery-Mukkam-Mavoor. An Inland container Depot is going to come up at Kadakola. These lines would bypass the Tiger Reserves,  Wild Life Sanctuaries and notified ESZs of Bandipur, Nagarhole, Muthumalai, Brahmagiri, Aralam, Malabar and New Amarambalam. Between Gundathur and Machur a Bridge across River Kabini would be required to bypass the small stretch of forest coming under the southern tip of Kakanakote Range.                                                                The National  Highways proposed above could be implemented under the Bharat Mala project and the Railway line by equal participation of Central and State Govts.                                                                          Earnestly implore the Central and State Govts  to kindly take initiatives to implement these projects proposed here so that a vexed problem could be easily solved with negligible environmental impacts.