I support sustainable hunting.

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     Right now anti-hunters are attacking our heritage, our way of life and our right to hunt as Canadians.  They are disrespecting the Hunting and Fishing Heritage Act that gives us this right.  They are uninformed and trying to push through an agenda for monetary gain through donations while hiding behind the “Stop the Hunting” headlines.  They are doing this strictly through emotion, not science and they refuse to believe that humans, including industry, are part of nature’s circle of life.   They are willing to do this no matter the devastating cost to wildlife to which they claim they love.

     Because of huge impacts made by industry that everyone relies on, the natural balance has been upset.  Hunters play a huge roll in trying to restore that balance through selective predator hunting among many other things.  Unless we as humans are prepared to burn our houses, reclaim every highway, road and pipeline and all other industry foot prints, we are the ONLY ones RESPONSIBLE to help restore that balance.  Please be the voice of reason and support the ethical, necessary hunt including predators that is backed by science, not strictly emotion.