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Senate of Canada: Suspend Senator Don Meredith

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The Canadian Senate is a prestigious component of our Canadian legislative function, however, is plagued when sitting members become the subject of controversy. In order to avoid the negative attention given to the Senate by the result of actions of Senator Don Meredith, we, the undersigned petition to the Senate of Canada to hold a vote to suspend the salary and benefits of Senator Meredith, and to indefinitely suspend him from the house.

Senator Meredith has placed a bad name upon both himself, and the institution of the Senate of Canada through both his actions, which have, most recently, came under public scrutiny after the Senate ethics office found him guilty of an ethics violation in relation to his promiscuous relationship with a minor. This type of behaviour is most unfitting for a member of the highest legislative body of our nation and should be directly condemned by the house which he sits in, as it has been by Canadians across the country.

While Senator Meredith denies the allegations, the Senate of Canada must act on its own discretion to preserve the authenticity and prestige to suspend the Senator pending any additional investigations into his potentially felonious conflict.

Any other Canadian facing similar situations would receive some sort of consequence for similar actions, why should a Senator be held to a lower standard despite their responsibility to our institutions? Is the Senate above the rule of law?

We the undersigned, petition to the Senate of Canada, that a vote be held on the Senate floor to indefinitely suspend Senator Meredith's wages, benefits, and seat pending a full, and conclusive investigation into his actions be completed.

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