Open a Brampton Women's Crisis Centre for Single Women

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There are currently no shelters where single women can seek a safe space in Brampton, and with the growing rate of poverty in the Region of Peel, we are in desperate need of one.

Less than 30 years ago, 2% of people in Peel were considered low income. Today that number is almost 50%. More than 222,000 people are struggling to afford housing in a region with less than 1% as many affordable housing units.

Women are affected deeply by the lack of services in Brampton and Peel. Women are much more likely to be part of the hidden homeless population, meaning that they are relying on unsafe, unstable, temporary, or abusive living situations, or are on the brink of eviction. Certain groups of women are hit much harder by poverty than the general population, such as women who are members of racialized groups or who have disabilities, as well as single mothers and single senior women.

This level of inequality is deeply affecting our Brampton community. Although we are very thankful that a shelter exists in Brampton for women and children fleeing from domestic abuse, we feel it is crucial to call attention to the gap in services that leaves women without children falling through the cracks.

We are uniting in memory of the recent deaths of Brampton women to effect positive change. We request a Brampton Women’s Crisis Centre for single women with 24 hour shelter services to ensure that women in Brampton have a safe space and the resources they need to live.

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