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Hon Malcolm Turnbull: Please Grant an FM Broadcast license to 2PR FM

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Dear fellow 2PR FM supporters,

We need a terrestrial FM station in Sydney that can advocate for the disabled, and have a playlist based on a large archival music library, over the existing commercial music FM stations.  WE NEED TO LOBBY FOR GETTING 2PR FM A BROADCAST LICENCE IN SYDNEY!

Aside from the same songs everyday, Sydney's stations give very little to no air time to disability issues.  Such topics LIKE the disability insurance scheme, the poverty rate of the disability support pension, the continuous diminishing special needs teachers, assisted transport, housing, parents support, and many other issues. Generally, coverage is always about asylum seekers, sports, polling performances of politicians, Afghanistan, carbon taxes, and lifestyle shows (gardening, renovations, and real estate).

2PR FM is currently test broadcasting on the internet at  The station's aim is to acquire an FM license for the Sydney metropolitan area.   The format will carry a large catalogue of music, and report the issues of disability rights, Asperger's Syndrome issues, and other material relevant for those with a disability and their families.  In Sydney alone, funds and resources for those with disabilities are small to non existent.

Since 2005, I've completed a 500 page submission for getting 2PR FM licensed with a commercial broadcasting license with Clause H (handicapped) exceptions.  Clause H denotes that the applicant applying for an FM license must have a disability that is preventing them from working at their full potential, must have been unemployed for 15 years or longer, and can demonstrate a service that is offering a program schedule that is not being offered in a certain market.

In my case, despite completing my HSC in the late 80s, several private and TAFE courses, work experiences, and worked on as many projects as possible - I've never been able to find paid work.  I feel this is because of my Asperger's Syndrome and Visual impairment. Employers feel that I would be an OH&S risk.  The general nature of a workplace such as tight deadlines, multitasking, understanding people's non verbal communications such as interpreting facial expressions, and intuition for judging what to do in a work situation is foreign to one with Asperger's Syndrome.   With this in mind, how is someone with this condition suppose to live without any meaningful work or income? 

A radio station with a strong disability awareness seems to be the only answer to this. A successful company in Denmark called "THE SPECIALISTS" has been catering for people with Asperger's with great results over the past 10 years. Why can't this be done in Sydney?

We want to petition the Hon Malcolm Turnbull to examine the radio spectrum situation in Sydney, and to grant 2PR FM a broadcast license to cover the entire city area.  There are thousands of disabled people in Sydney which more then justifies the need for such a station. 

It's important to note that the concept of 2PR FM has already been in progress for the last ten years.  We have a program schedule, a format - In short a station already broadcasting. We only need an FM license, and a studio.  This is because the station is currently being operated out of my flat.

My Clause H License submission has been presented to the Department of Broadband and Communications (DBCDE), Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), The Hon Senator Stephen Conroy, my local MP, the Hon Scott Morrison, and to the Shadow Minister for Communications; The Hon Malcolm Turnbull. Only Mr Turnbull was kind enough to lend me his ear but in general, there has been no progress with my submission, only a defiant "NO" from the Department of Broadband and Communications.

So in the end, we are lobbying for these government agencies, in particular the Hon Malcolm Turnbull to properly review our submission, and to give 2PR FM a commercial broadcast license with Clause H exceptions.  More info about this can be found at .

By signing this petition you support the idea of 2PR FM obtaining a Sydney wide FM license, for airing news, info segments, and updates about disability issues, and a station that carries an archival playlist of several thousand tracks.

Thank you.

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