Tell Ocean County Family Court To Return Womans Support Animals.

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On September 13, 2018, the Hon. Debra Gramiccioni of the Ocean County Family Court, Toms River, NJ, made a decision that forced my friend, Delphine Jones, to share her federally licensed support animals with her abusive ex-boyfriend.

This decision is devastating to her, and her dogs. Smidgen and Bug were rescued by Ms. Jones several years ago. They have already suffered, and she brought them back to health. Both of these dogs are her life. She is their rescuer and their caretaker. She was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident....Bug and Smidgen have helped her heal, physically and emotionally.

She has now been forced by Judge Gramiccioni to give her dogs, every other week, to a man who has NEVER taken them to a vet visit. NEVER given them their medication. NEVER bought them a bag of food. These dogs have had to protect her against him in the past.

We fear he may harm them to spite her. It is urgent that this travesty not be allowed to continue.