STOP the sale of live Dogs and Cats in Pet Shops Australia Wide

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RSPCA NSW can confirm that inspectors and a veterinarian attended a property on Wednesday 7 June 2017 near Goulburn in response to a report detailing concern for the welfare of dogs at the property.

The NSW RSPCA receives hundreds of complaints every year just like this, and sadly the number of reports are growing every year with public recognition of the problem.

Some “Puppy Mills” are very lucrative mass breeding operations and are all across the country. It is impossible for authorities to keep track of them all.

Once they are found out, they set up their operation in a new remote location and seldom stay in one place. They may be closed down in one state only to cross the border and open in another.

Where do pet shop dogs come from?
In many cases, from puppy mills... where their mother is locked in a concrete cell, continually impregnated, and deprived of company, affection, exercise, and proper veterinary care — until the last day of her life.

These dogs have no ability to exercise, socialise, play or interact with humans. In many cases puppies from such facilities have already developed long-term behavioural or health problems as a result of the poor conditions they are bred in before they find a home.

Mother dogs may suffer years in isolation, with their babies taken away from them when they are only a few weeks old. They are kept in a cycle of breeding until they can no longer produce enough puppies to be profitable. Only few are lucky enough to be offered to a good home, with breeders legally allowed to shoot their dogs.

These dogs are bred commercially for profit. Literally factory farms for dogs, puppy factories can be 'home' to dozens or sometimes hundreds of breeding dogs
Puppy farmers often focus on breeding popular or 'designer' breeds, Tragically, It's not only dogs who can be cruelly confined in intensive breeding facilities. Investigations have also uncovered shocking treatment of cats in 'kitten factories' across the country.

What can you do Mr Frydenberg?
Please fight for us to implement Federal Laws to prohibit the sale of live animals in Pet Shops around the entire country. We should only be supporting the sale of de-sexed animals from animal shelters