Lay criminal charges against these gang stalkers!

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Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Once a target is flagged a notification is sent out to the community at large, and the target is followed around 24/7 by the various communities that they are in.

Karen Riley, Robert Coleman, Trisha Foord aka Trish Foord-McCabe, Robin McCandless, Jessica Roe joined allegiances and formed alliances with many others including Princess Jodie Mountbatten, Cathy Hope Tang, Sophie Castan Zammit, Samantha Stevens, Paul Stevens, and Calvin Thom, to systemically destroy Matthew Virgin and Karen Stevens, their family and their organization "The Taylor Paige Foundation".  Matthew Virgin and Karen Stevens started a foundation to make changes that are desperately needed for children and their families worldwide. Their attempts at securing funding, backing and donations are being destroyed at every turn because of these people's personal agendas and vendettas.
The video that is attached to this petition clearly shows some of the agendas that lay behind the scenes.

These gang stalkers have no remorse and no shame. They reside in both Australia and the USA. They create fake social media accounts, YouTube accounts and even accounts under the mask of "Anonymous".
They have produced videos under the mask of "Anonymous" and have also created childish meme type videos personally attacking Matthew Virgin and Karen Stevens' physical appearance, age, hygiene etc.

This gang has also fabricated evidence, court documentation, social media comments and personal messages, have denied having restraining orders placed on them or pass them off to be frivolous. They believe that they are above the law.

This gang are doing nothing more than harassing-stalking-making false allegations- and pretty much doing their best to destroy two people and their family for their own personal agendas.
They also are endangering two children's lives in Australia who are under protection orders for their own safety and this gang is sharing their physical address and contacting the person the order is placed against further endangering these innocent children. And breaching restraining orders in doing so.
Not to mention many of this gang claim to be "child advocates". 

Too often social media is used as a weapon against others. It is used to bully and victimize. It has opened the door to crimes that never before existed and it allows criminals to have a worldwide connection in which to commit their crimes.
Over 1 million suicide deaths occur every year worldwide.

Everyone has the right to feel safe. Everyone has the right to privacy.
And everyone has the right to expect that the law protects these rights.

I and the signatories petition you Hon Joe Hockey to bridge the gap between Australian authorities and the US authorities to get this gang charged through Interpol and sentenced for the crimes of criminal defamation, cyber-stalking, fraud, stalking, harassment and damages. 

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